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Alucotone Class A
Architecture, Residential and Industrial

Alucotone Class A offers the best performance in architectural, residential and industrial projects where it is important to have a minimum durability of 10, 12 and 15 years as well as total resistance to weather and wind forces.

Finished in MICA Kynar PVDF Panel thickness of 4mm in stock and 6mm on request.

Aluminum face thickness of 0.4mm and 0.5mm upon request.

Alucotone Class B

Alucotone Class B gives you the visual impact you are looking for in the front of the store or site, with a guarantee of up to 10 years and a better price considering that makeover periods can be less than 10 years.

Finished in PVDF Kynar, thickness of 3mm and 4mm with Aluminum Faces in 0.3mm

Alucotone Class C
Indoor and display use

Alucotone Class C gives you an affordable option considering that the use will be indoors and the weather and UV rays factor does not count. Polyester finish and 3mm thickness with 0.3mm and 0.21mm aluminum faces

Specific colors

      In corporate identity or architectural design, color is part of the personality and message you want to communicate to your client.   Added to the advantages of Alucotone and with the great technological advances in color, you can plan in the best way and order the specific tone that your Alucotone panel requires.  

The ideal way to choose or indicate a color is based on the RAL catalog and if it does not match any option, a quality physical sample is required and having this parameter defined, you can accurately manufacture the color of your corporate image or architectural design that you are looking for. 

       The PANTONE Catalog is not a correct reference in paint for aluminum composite panel, because the PANTONE catalog is designed for printing inks, which is not the same as paints, as is the RAL catalog.

       Give us a call and we can guide you and in order to achieve the color you are looking for in a professional manner and once defined we can have your Alucotone material in the color you are looking for within a period of 7-9 weeks obtaining a long-lasting product and full repeatability in each of its branches or as indicated by its architectural style.


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