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We  Farbitek

      Alucotone It is a product and brand of Farbitek, we are located in Mexico City. Founded in 1995 with Rilek® Waterproofing and Farbiton® Paints and since 2006 we have served the aluminum panel sector with our product ALUCOTONE®, this being a high specification, world class panel, primarily oriented to the architectural sector , commercial, advertisements and signage. We serve and embarkAlucotone to all of Mexico (charges may apply outside CDMX)

     WithAlucotone You will find a variety of colors in various specifications that can suit your final purpose. We haveAlucotone series A Oriented towards architectural use with the most complete and current specification, offering a guarantee of up to 15 years on the exterior with PVDF Kynar and virtually self-cleaning Mica finish.

We are in Mexico and we offer you service, attention and guarantee in Mexico. 

We have the exact advice for your project and we can carry out specific project details in AutoCAD as well as develop special colors with reference to the RAL and/or Pantone SC catalog.

Give us a call now at (55) 1040 0025 either(55) 2559 7580  This way we can assist you and guide you in the best way to carry out your project.

We hope to meet you very soon friend.

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